Just a regular holiday

14 Jan

tsundere plane

It’s been quite dusty here recently. So, time to dust off the page and post something refreshing. On a side note, the image has nothing to do with the post. I’ve just been into Undertale for the past couple of months and if you hadn’t played Undertale… well, your loss because it’s a pretty neat and heart-warming game.

Today’s dream is of an acquaintance of mine, called Blink, who rarely remembers his dreams, but when he does, they’re bursting with awesomeness.


I went on a holiday in Hungary. I met some chubby blonde, she was probably 1.65m tall, big boobs, we didn’t know each other. Character type – Suzumiya Haruhi.

So we’re walking together and see one place with sign “Bowling”. We agreed to go play some. Go in – no bowling. We saw two acquaintances with two other guys and joined them. The chick was pouting for a while but went back to normal after 15 minutes. We had a few drinks for a couple of hours and she was like, let’s go to bed, it’s getting late. It turned out we were in a hotel. We decided to sleep in the same room ’cause it’s cheaper. Nothing happened though.

As we woke up in the morning, I was starving. We went out for food and came across a snack bar RV. We headed there but I forgot I got only leva (Bulgarian currency). The guy on the cash register was covered in blood from head to toe, as if he was a butcher. I hand the mofo two leva for two banitsa with chocolate filling. The mofo looked at me very angrily and sent three tugs after us to break our arms.

I told the chick to run. I stopped two of the tugs, the third one went after her. Then I went after them and some locals started helping us hide. They told us there was a bus at 2:30PM with which we could flee the country. Suddenly it all turned out to be a military camp and there was a war between two snack bar RVs. Then the clock turned 2:30PM and I woke up.

The truant 2015/10/03

3 Oct


The school year started more than 20 days ago and oddly enough I was summoned together with my old classmates to roll into senior class. Why? Because school was under construction for some time and we weren’t able to enroll in 12th grade. So we had to take it now that we were 25 year olds since the school was accepting students again together with everyone who skipped an year because of the same reasons.

I didn’t feel going to school at all. I couldn’t even get up on time nor could calculate when are the studying hours so I can slip in when there’s a recess. Further more, we had to prepare for the school-leaving examination at the end of the year and I had forgotten everything we studied in school.

I calculated that if I had to loiter in school at least up to May next year, I wouldn’t be able to take the PhD exam in spring. This whole school thing was ruining my carrier!

To top it all, one of my teachers was supposedly my ex-boss and I didn’t want to meet with my ex-boss. Despite all that, I went to check up the schedule for the next day, which was at the nearby park. The school was more than 1km away from the park, however, the schedule for all classes was there in the form of holograms hanging in the air. After checking it out I went to the school even and accidentally met my ex-boss who was sitting on a bench with another ex-colleague who was in turn very friendly to me. She told me something from the sort of: “it wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t coordinate with the boss…”, “you should have told us that you have troubles with your leg” (what the hell?) and the boss added “no, she’s just not alright in the head” which wasn’t meant as an offense. I didn’t know what was right or not right with any body part of mine so I went to check the classrooms and most of them were empty.

The next day I was late for school again so I loitered around the yard and waited for the recess. I saw one classmate of mine together with other girls and called out to her. They said they were going to get something for lunch meaning I arrived really late for school but oh well. I hooked up with them and then one of the teachers (that was probably a teacher in literature) showed us a book of some author I never heard the name of. The author was Nadia and we were going to learn her prose in this grade. I said I didn’t remember such an author in our books before that and they told me all authors changed since we were last in high school and we had to prepare even harder for the school-leaving examination. Luckily I woke up and didn’t have to learn about any “new” author.

The appartment on the first and last floor 28/02/2015

28 Feb

snapshot20131206225814My cousin and I went to an apartment in the outskirts of NYC for I don’t know what reasons. It was just rented for us for the next 2 or 3 days, but we’ve both been there before, when we were very little and remembered there was a hidden entry to a terrace behind one shelf and there was a big German shepherd. The apartment was on the first floor of a not-so-tall suburban building, maybe 6 or 7 floors as there was no elevator. The interior of our place was nice, the walls were painted in brick-red colour and the lamps were glowing with dim light. It was raining outside so we decided to take a bath upon arrival. I entered my room and unpacked my luggage on the bed, but I was still curious whether the secret door to the terrace was still there. In the kitchen, there was a dusty shelf with sliding glass doors. I climbed up on a chair to check it out. Inside was a set of black and white cups shaped like chess pieces and a small statuette of a giraffe. The giraffe was made of white porcelain, its feet, horns and the edges of his colouring were made of silver-like shiny material. I grabbed a handful of cups and were placing them on the kitchen plot when my cousin shouted to me if I was coming with her in the bathroom or not. I almost dropped the cups, but the giraffe was safely placed aside. I shouted back I’ll be taking a little while as my eyes were fixed on the little door on the back of the shelf. As I opened it, a short narrow rectangular-shaped tunnel appeared and a faint light came from above. It was barely wide enough for one person to fit. I squeezed myself up the tunnel and entered a very small glazed balcony. The scenery outside was beautiful. Raindrops were racing down the window, the sky was roaring somewhere far from here, enveloped in grey clouds and I was looking at the rooftops and facades of the buildings on the other side of the street. One was deep yellow, the other one was night sky blue, the water was quietly streaming down, cleaning them head to toe. My cousin suddenly appeared behind me, excited

‘Woah, this place still exists!’

I looked around and realized no one came here from years, it was all dusty and at the edge of the tunnel were dried up dog excrements.

‘And look. Those are the only memories of the German shepherd, but there really was one, just like we thought.’, I said. Then I climbed down the tunnel and went to get my phone from the room to go outside and take pictures of the blue and yellow buildings.

I went outside barefoot and wearing only my underwear, but it didn’t bother me the least. There were scarcely people outside, most of them bent under their umbrellas, but on the other side of the street stood two policemen and looked at me curiously. I thought I might get into trouble if I took too much time and to top that, my phone was pretty unresponsive to my attempts to unlock it and when I finally did, the policemen were already crossing the street. The pictures were blurry anyway, so I got up fast and ran back into the building and into the apartment and decided to take the pictures from the balcony. When I finished with that and looked from the window down, I saw the policemen talking with someone from the building who told them the offender they were looking for (me) probably lived on the first floor. They then continued talking between themselves and one told the other

‘If you don’t find her, just send them the usual message.’

I didn’t pay much attention to that and decided it was high time to take a shower. My cousin was already in the bathroom, so I went to the other one. What was odd about that one was, it was square and there was a shower on each wall except the one with the door. I turned on the one closer to me and a few minutes later I heard my cousin – already out of the bathroom – talking with someone. It was one of the police officers, asking my cousin if she lives here because they were looking for an exhibitionist that were sitting on the street in brought daylight. However, my cousin was with short blond hair, while I was with long dark hair and they didn’t suspect her the least. She said she saw nothing and they left. I continued showering but another few minutes later I heard her talking to someone else inside the apartment. The person sounded like Michael Clarke Duncan. In the end I didn’t found out who it really was and I couldn’t make out what they were talking about, but all the time I was imagining Michael Clarke Duncan with dark sunglasses and black tuxedo.

When I finally went out of the bathroom, both me and my cousin’s phone received a message from the police with a picture. The picture was from a security camera – a famous place downtown in Sofia where youths frequently gathered to smoke pot and drink alcohol and a caption was saying: “WE’RE WORKING IN COLLABORATION WITH THE BULGARIAN FORCES”, “WE’LL DEFINITELY FIND YOU”.

The master thesis 2014/10/23

23 Oct


A brief introduction (ok, not so brief actually): About two and a half months ago I started a major experiment for my master thesis, which is roughly having to find a parasitic larva in a particular species of water shrimps. However, the chance of finding one depends on many circumstances, etc, etc, tl;dr there’s approximately 1 larva in every 500 species. The day before was the first time I found a larva after having looked through somewhat 1500 shrimps, naturally I was thinking about that all day (“Yay, my master thesis will be a success!” *joyful tears and snots*), so here’s the result from all that.


My university actually wanted me to do two master theses, one of which would be an exam, i.e. I had to write it down for like 4 to 5 hours on paper, the other one I had to submit later on. As the date for the exam was approaching I had no idea how to start the opening part of the thesis, but supposedly it was going to be an essay. The one I was supposed to submit was going to be about… love (oh the cliché). The one I focused on writing down was going to be about cooking.

Then at one point I suddenly woke up for a few seconds and I thought “hey, hey, wait a minute, what about my larvae, what about my shrimps *snores* ~mmn..” and then turned the other way.

As I was walking down a corridor to the hall where the exam was going to be held (mfw it was in a school building), I was thinking on a way to begin the opening part of the essay:

“Cooking is love.

Cooking is life.”

Yesh, that’s gotta do the trick. Suddenly the corridor ended in a mess hall. One teacher came to me and explained all the other halls were already full with students (who came to do their master thesis exam). In fact, they were so full, the ones who came last had to be seated in the mess hall. Indeed, when I looked around the tables. students were sitting in groups of four on each table, writing furiously on their sheets. I walked around, but there was no place left in the mess hall either and the exam was supposed to start in 2 minutes. If I didn’t find a seat until then I was going to be thrown out! What should I do?

Luckily my alarm rang and brought me back in the world of larvae and brine shrimps.

An apocaliptic series of nightmares 2014/02/03

3 Feb


Recently I haven’t been able to sleep well, due to work and uni stuff, also trying to keep my social life from drowning. The sleep deprivation also led to forgetting some cool dreams I had in mind to publish. Sadly, the morning alarm send them all down the memory drain.

Speaking of uni, for the past month I’ve been working on a paper about a few specific diseases and I think I probably read too much, but you could find all about that in the text bellow.

WARNING: reading discretion is advised. If you get scared easily, or have some medical condition, do not read this. You have been warned.


I had a grey colored cat as a pet. It was a kitten actually. One day I took it with me for a walk in the park and put a red collar on it, attached on a leash of the same color (yes, like those one would put on a dog). Me and a few friends of mine sat on a bench and were chilling, when suddenly the kitten went wild and ran away. I went chasing after it and caught it a few minutes later, but it was behaving weird and started biting me and scratch at my hands. Well, I still managed to catch it and make it back to the bench. However, when I sat down and looked at the kitten, it has suddenly frozen, like a statue, in a very creepy posture. Eyes were wide open and staring right into my soul, ears were laying back on the head, mouth was also wide open. My friends exchanged looks and one of them said ‘Hey, I think this cat is rabid or something.’ Thing is, whenever someone in the dream says something aloud, it inevitably and momentarily becomes truth. So the kitten was indeed rabid and – because it bit me several times – I was now rabid too. That simple truth made me look at my hands where the cuts and bites were and I felt the virus already circling through my veins.

I woke up immediately, my limbs were numb for a few moments until my mind adjusts to the fact that it was just a dream and I am not infected with rabies. It was still dark outside, so I looked at the clock beside my bed: 15 minutes till 5AM. I turned on the other side and closed my eyes again.

My colleagues and I were going on a parasitology conference, held somewhere in Africa. By arriving there, we had some time to fool around before we settle at the hotel and so on. I was looking at some cell cultures in a test-tube or something (can’t quite remember that part), when I accidentally broke it and it spilled everywhere. Unfortunately, the cells were infected with Marburg and Ebola viruses, so I caught me some Ebola virus (jackpot?). 10 minutes after the exposure I had a high fever, quite unpleasant and realistic, a nosebleed, was losing focus and a few hours later could not even walk. 2 days later I was bleeding from my ears and eyes too and was fully conscious that my end is nearing. Then the airplane with which my boss was arriving landed and she came to me with a humongous suitcase filled with various remedies. Hell, there was even a syringe with a medicine for malaria (not quinine, definitely). She then told me

‘Oh silly you, how did you come to Africa unprepared and fully knowing about all the deadly diseases?’

and took from the magic suitcase some powder medicine and gave it to me. Thus I survived. And luckily, woke up immediately and decided not to try to sleep anymore for the time being.

The classroom concert 2013/11/26

26 Nov


On the 26th of November Sofia woke up covered in snow. It’s a rare sight to see snowfall so early in the year, especially when just the other day the temperatures weren’t dropping below 15 degrees Celsius. I read the forecast everyday and when I saw “chance of snow” last night I wasn’t expecting much but a few snowflakes to be honest. Fortunately enough, I was wrong in my predictions, but it seems the sheer thought of snowing was embedded in my mind, because the dream I had that night included the very same forecast I read yesterday.

And again, on the topic of Sofia, it was announced that Aerosmith included it in their European tour next year. I’m not particularly a fan of Aerosmith, but the announcement being everywhere in the news and on the web it was hard to miss it.

And so I dreamt about the upcoming concert of Aerosmith and, oddly enough, the show was set to be in… a classroom. A rather small classroom, like those they use for the kids in 1st grade, with even smaller desks (the desks were somewhat absent though, save for one in the middle of the room, which was supposed to represent the “front of stage” area and had limited amount of seats – namely 5 or 6 chairs placed around it) and many color pencil doodles and water-paint drawings pinned on the walls. The artists were supposed to play from the teacher’s desk. Even their gear was set up there.

When I arrived at the “stage” there were still very few people present and had already taken seats. I saw a few empty chairs on the back of the classroom, but just when I tried to take one of them, an ex-colleague from my university waved at me and told me they were occupied and I am supposed to buy a ticket to take a sit. When I looked around, on my right there was another desk where presumably the so-called tickets were sold. I headed for there and waited for my turn to come, while looking at the prices and then at my wallet. It seemed like my assets were enough only for the cheapest area – a standing ticket in the back of the hall. After the purchase I was told I could also stand outside and only then did I see the sliding door on the back of the room. It was like going out on a terrace, only there was no parapet and the space was much wider. It was actually on par with a normal backyard. That was where all the desks seems to have “vanished”. There were also more chairs scattered on random places, most of which already occupied. But I didn’t even for a minute think about the offer of standing outside, since the forecast said there were chances of snow; besides, it was already getting dark outside, so I immediately went back in the classroom and managed to squeeze between two seats and lean on the wall on the back of the room.

I was planning to spend the rest of the night in this perfect viewing spot until I noticed, as more people flooded the classroom (and most of them with “standing” tickets) it wasn’t as perfect as it seemed. Hell, now I started to wonder how those seated in the back could even see what’s happening on the stage. I then moved in front and stood behind the seats of the 6 V.I.P.s with “front of stage” tickets et voilà, the concert began. People started shouting, jumping and clapping as Aerosmith appeared on stage… but wait, wasn’t Aerosmith’s frontman a… a man? Waitwaitwaitwait, no, seriously? So uh… are we all a part of some sort of a big scam? Hey! They took my money! @#*%^#& Phew, thank God at least I didn’t buy one of the expensive tickets. Hmm.. Well, I already gave my money, so the least I could do is watch. All the others didn’t seem to notice anything wrong and the rest of the Aerosmith crew were the same too. So.. the lead singer of Aerosmith was this chick in the electric green dress? There was some text scripted from top to bottom on it and when I leaned closer it was song lyrics. One of Aerosmith’s songs that is, but I can’t recall which one. Anyway, my deep conscience most likely disapproved this turn of events (and I didn’t stay for the encore), because shortly after the dream wagon jumped into another dream.

The “swimming” pool 2013/10/09

9 Oct


A few days ago, maybe a week or so, I was out with a friend of mine and was deploring the fate of my favorite pair of sandals. The sole of the left one was broken in half and they were practically unusable. She then suggested I try fixing them with a… nail glue. Hell, who would even believe that? Lil’ ol’ me, being insane enough to test such an idea went and actually bought the said glue. And surprisingly enough it miraculously worked. However, this has little to do with the present dream.

Little, but enough.

I was supposed to have an appointment with a middle aged couple who wanted me to take pictures of the woman in one small park. The place was specifically chosen because the building next to it was turned into a vast changing room for everyone willing to take their pictures in the park, thus making it a very popular site for this type of activity. Now that I think about it the park and the building are 1:1 with the accounting building of the institute where I work in. But that’s another story.

The couple have brought their own camera, something which was humongous and probably on the same age as my great-great-grandmother, so the only thing I had to do was wait for the lady to pose around some trees and press one big red button. After a few shots, other people started flooding the place and the man came out of the changing room, insisting that we help gather their belongings and finish the photoshoot as quickly as possible because the two of them had a swimming pool reservation at a certain hotel. I wasn’t particularly close to them, but  asked out of curiosity where was the hotel at, as the name sounded familiar to me.

‘Here, come with me and I’ll show it to you’, said the man and suddenly we were entering the hotel (which was supposed to be miles away from our location) and there I saw the weirdest swimming pool in existence. In fact, swimming pool is a bit exaggerated. Around 30 meters from the entrance was the reception desk; in the centre of the hall was a circle, tiled in brown, forming an island and the pool was a ring around it, covered in blue tiles (like those from the video of Placebo – Special Needs LOL). I crossed a short see-through glass bridge to the island and told the man I’m disappointed.

‘It’s practically made for sitting in the water. You can’t swim here’, I said.

‘Take a look around’, he replied and only then did I notice that there was a subterrain under the ring, that was a much wider space, covering the whole area. There were people in it too, although still not swimming because it seemed the pool was too shallow to swim. The floor was covered with larger blue tiles and on random places there were unimaginable rectangular holes, one side of which was on the same level as the pool floor and the other was 45 degrees below ground. It was made for people to lay in it like on a chaise-longue chair, with their lower body in the water and their head above the surface. After looking around for a while we exited the hotel and a few feet away I saw the woman waiting for us. I was about to leave them, but before that I went to her and showed her my shoes. They were a very old and weary pair of snickers which I glued before going to bed last night. ‘Look’, I said, ‘they were all torn up, but a friend of mine told me to use a nail glue and now they are as good as new, see! I just glued them last night and today I’ve been walking with them for…”

…and then my alarm clock rang and I had to get up for work.

Long dream told short~

24 Aug


Due to my dreams being dull and boring (and also my inability to remember a decent one), I’ll once again post the story of one bloke (with their consent of course). This bloke goes by the name of Pan-san and the following is a rough translation to the gibber I was told early this morning.



It was pretty chaotic, like in any dream. At one point I was like.. my current self, then – a few moments later – I was a 10-year-old. I’ve been caught by some neo-nazi who wanted to conduct experiments with me since some strange disappearances were occurring around me. At this point I’m going back in the past and have vague memories of the other “self”, but still can’t get the whole picture together. But whenever I think of that “self”, shivers run down my spine and suddenly something like a double of me appears in my mind.

Then I woke up in the present, with a girl in bed. I left her there and took off to take care of my own business and ended up in something like a forest. There was this festival going on, or something like that, as a lot of people have gathered. I was making my way to a specified place, where the people were dressed all in orange when one girl stood up from her table. As she passed near me, she smiled, then left saying nothing. I tried to continue walking towards the others, but something behind me was pulling me and wouldn’t let me go.

And then I woke up again as a 10-year-old in an underground base. All the soldiers around me have lost consciousness on the floor and I wasn’t restrained or anything. So I started climbing a ladder up, but someone began chasing me. Suddenly the steps got narrow and kept getting narrower and narrower until only I could climb up. I heard something that resembled screams behind me, but payed them no heed, as I was at the foot of the exit… And ended up in the same forest I was before.

Public transport adventures 2013/06/19

19 Jun


It was almost the end of another workday when I received a phone call, probably from a friend, telling me to meet them downtown in one hour. I figured my best bet to get there without being late was the subway, so when my job at the workplace was done I headed for the nearest subway station. Normally, I detest using any means of public transport; yet what I detest even more is spending money on tickets for the said public transport. (However, given the circumstances I couldn’t possibly make it in time for the agreed meeting (unless I flew over there) so I had no other choice.) Luckily for me, I was at least spared the latter.

The rucksack I usually carry when I go to work had mysteriously turned into a an egg-shaped 2-feet in length bag (was it though?). The bottom was colored in red while the top was yellow and separating them in the middle was a wide strap, resembling those crime scene tapes, only it wasn’t yellow with black caption, but black with yellow caption. The sign on it was saying ‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ with capital letters (how typical). Magically, that strap was able to create and emit magnetic impulses with a certain frequency, thus granting me free access through the ticket-checking terminals in the subway. It was the very first time I was using that station and after descending a few escalators and seeing no signs of other people nor hearing any trains, I thought I was lost. Just when I was thinking I must have been closer to the earth core than ever before, the last escalator ended up in a wide platform that resembled an underground parking lot. Puzzled, I asked myself out loud

‘Where the heck is the railway station around here?’

‘A little northwest from here, come, I’ll show you.’

The voice came from just behind my back. I turned around and saw a colleague from university named Lucy. Lucy was with a friend of hers, some lad I didn’t know or even if I knew them I didn’t pay much attention. After a few meters northwest the walls narrowed and the parking lot now looked more like a tunnel. When we emerged from the tunnel in a wider space, there were still no signs of train tracks although some people have gathered not far from the tunnel exit.

‘I still don’t see any stations’, I turned to Lucy.

‘Here’, she said, ‘you’ll have to go through that place. It’s a security camera niche, but I use it as a bedchamber.’ then she lifted a square lid on the nearest wall, wide enough for someone to crawl in and I peeked inside. On the top right corner there really was a camera attached to the ceiling. The rest of the niche was full with stuffed animals and there was a broad 1-feet long wooden board which I assumed was a bed. At first sight I thought it as a mockery, but when I took a second look at it, I noticed it wasn’t exactly a niche, as a steep slope was going upwards and ending in the ventilation shaft. ‘Pass me my backpack when I get in’,  I told Lucy’s boyfriend as I climbed up and crawled inside the vent. They passed me the rucksack and I decided not to wait for them to follow, for I lost enough time already and went up ahead. In a short time I emerged from the shafts and landed at the foot of yet another escalator, this time going up. There was another ticket-checking portal before entering the station but I passed it freely again thanks to the magical rucksack, with only a slight touch of the strap to the terminal. It was then when the dream train derailed and the scenery slowly changed into a school cafeteria.

The mosquito bite 2013/06/17

17 Jun


It was around 4AM when I heard the awfully annoying buzzing sound and realized my brother had lifted the net on the window above my bed. By that time I was half-asleep, half-conscious about the malicious presence around my head, so I instinctively pulled the blankets up to my chin while witnessing a scenery in a bar. It was one of those rare dreams where I don’t participate, but rather look at the developing from afar, like watching a movie. There were a few girls acting as bartenders, the place was full and the music playing was something like a dubstep with buzzing sounds which they called ‘a new-wave-dubstep’. Buzz-buzz the music went, first low then high, circling and sounding like an airplane searching for a place to crash-land. The two girls exchanged a few words, nodded to each other, then jumped over the bar. They were both pretty, dressed in rainbow colors and looked like they came out of a chinese cartoon, big eyes and pouty lips and all. One was with a light-brown hair with golden tints, lifted on a side ponytail. She seemed to have noticed a lone young man by one of the tables and started towards him. I pulled the blanket near my nostrils and was barely breathing and sweating, waiting for the mosquito to come closer and smash it down my face, but I kept missing and it came swirling back, as now my face was the only uncovered part of my body. After a few misses, the girl reached the lad’s table and sat beside him on the window sill, asking something along the lines ‘how fares life’ and after getting a curt ‘fine’, ‘is it me, or does your face look a bit pale’. The vile bitch didn’t seem to have find a better blood supplied place than my left eye lid, so it bit me there and I felt the place swell a little when I blinked instinctively as the buzzing sound became louder. The lad was handsome too, with sea blue eyes and lips colored in light purple and light pink (or that should be handsome in the standarts of chinese cartoon dreams). He didn’t answer her question so she posed another

‘I thought you were cleaned from those stuff’, she said.

‘I was’, the lad replied. ‘Look, this is totally new and it hooks you pretty fast. It is called the mosquito bite.’

The girl’s eyes widened and she spoke quietly

‘I’m sending you to the doc again, Riki. This is going nowhere but downhill’, she shook her head and then pulled down from the sill.

I don’t remember what happened with Riki afterwards, which is a shame, because it was kind of interesting, as he was sent to pray to some gods or something, but on the next morning I found out the mosquito had bitten me in two more places.